prospects with an MBA

I wanna know if an MBA degree could be useful to industrial des grads. Will it enhance their prospects of growth, pay scale or any other kinda incentives.
Your views could be useful.

This question comes up every 60-90 days. If you search the board you will find the answer.

My short answer: maybe.

I have one.

getting an MBA on top of an ID degree is fine. but, in my opinion the thing that really effects your pay scale and prospects for growth are results, not degrees.

if that extra degree helps you become a better design thinker (by that i mean someone that creatively collaborates inside the arena of business) then great. But don’t expect an extra degree on your resume to instantly bump you up a pay level.

in the end it’s what have you done and how did it effect a bottom line and how do the people around you feel towards you. In my opinion an MBA doesn’t teach you any of those things. Actually, trying, failing and adjusting does.

Everybody is different, but I recommend spending sometime being a designer before you decide how an MBA might make you a better one.

most designers i know who have really utilized a masters had one in business or marketing, not design.

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