Pros and Cons of Wacom Tablets

I am thinking about getting a Wacom Tablet and was wondering what the Pros and Cons are- compared to sketching or rendering with paper and pen/markers. Is it worth the money or time learn how to use this method. How many of you use one or have used one in the past? Most of the work I do now is concept sketching on paper then move into solid/surface modeling. Not a whole lot of presentation drawings…yet - Do I even need one?

If you are not doing any pres. drawings, you probably don’t need a tablet, but digital: markers don’t go dry, paint never runs out, leads never need sharpening. just my$0.02.

I have one I dont use it much to sketch with. just scan a line sketch in then use the wacom an painter.

Wacom 12X18, and personally own 6X8- Excellent for form development because you can quickly integrate vector art, wireframes from Alias, and quick form ideation. There is no loss of image quality during scans. Saves you money because you dont have to buy markers, pens, paints and brushes. Access to many media in Painter.

Cons- not very good to think with. if you are trying to figure out something nothing beats pens and paper. Expensive initial investment. You still have to print out sketches.

Wacom pads are like CAD programs. If you dont have the basics of sketching down your renderings will still suck. you cant cover up a lack of skill with any program.

If you will be sticking with the design process you use now…I would hold off getting the Wacom. Definately try one out…takes a little getting used to…but once mastered it can prove a worthy investment.

I’m a 9x12 user
Best use for my approach is to sketch then scan thumbnails and quicly use Photoshop to flesh out and finalize per stage of development (quick shading for early stages, renders for presentations).

In addition, my markers don’t have a “ctrl-z” function…

I also find it difficult to do any sketch ideation in comparison to paper.
I recently upgraded my home tablet to 9x12 via an ebay auction for $130 (first generation Intuos, but functionally identical to the new ones)

Couple of things I’ve done that make using it a bit more pleasant is to tilt it up, similar to a drawing table. I also tape down a piece of paper over the plastic shield to provide a bit more resistance against the pen tip, which adds control…

what programs do you use to sketch in - with the tablet - alias sketch book? or just illustrator

Photoshop (ideation through presentation)