Promotional Bag

I am putting together a demo kit for a sales/promo purpose. Basically this thing needs to be a soft sided laptop bag/briefcase that I can stuff with foam and put all the demo parts into. At the end of the day, I will be needing to embroider the company logo, etc. onto this thing too.

Anyone have a good source for such a product?

Max dims would be: 14" x 22" x 9"


are you looking for a more or less disposable laptop bag?

something that will last a minute?

or forever?

how many?

the company I work for specifically deals with stuff like this, we commonly do custom logos, and the embroidering/printing is done here stateside to ensure quality and speed.

shoot me a message if you’re interested

if we can’t do it to meet your requirements, I may know of some other options.

sent an email to your taylor@… email address.

Anyone else that’s looking at this, I am needing something that will last forever. It is a sales/demo kit that will be flying all over the world with the sales team.


Crumpler “Dreadful Embarrassment” laptop bag is my current bag of choice. You could easily embroider a logo on it.

Click the Laptop Icon at the top and scroll right to Dreadful Embarrassment.

I have the black w/ green interior. Very nice bag.

ip, these guys are in Seattle: I’ve used them.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

I like the idea of designing a custom one for this gig, but the client is a wee bit cheap.

I will contact them though and see what they can do.