Promoting your designs via online video: is there a need?

Are you interested in advertising your product on an online video portal

  • Yes, only if free
  • No
  • Yes, only if cost is $100 or less per year
  • Yes, only if cost is $50 or less per year

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Hi -
Does anyone on this forum feel that today’s promotion channels are not enough or are too expensive?
I ask because I’m developing an online video portal solely for promoting designers (shoe design, toy design, fashion and accessories, products, games, etc.). Think of a YouTube specifically for designers. Each designer can upload a video where he/she passionately describes the product line, with attached images.

My questions:

  • is there a need for such a promotion tool?
  • if so, what features would you like to see in this tool?
  • would you pay for “advertising” your product on such a tool?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

I think the real question is what would this offer over just promoting something Via Youtube? (which from a viral marketing standpoint can be rather powerful)

I don’t particularly see it being more useful then say a Coroflot (or your own website) with a video link…and certainly not enough to warrant paying for it.

Thanks for the feedback.

  • I envision the site as a leader in promoting new designers via WebTV, hence targeted towards niche- audiences, hopefully resulting in more valuable feedback or promotion.
  • A designer can create a portfolio more tuned to a designer’s need than a simple YouTube video upload.
  • Free membership can mean basic video/still uploads, searchable profile, access to video lectures etc. A designer can hence use this in addition to YouTube, and to their own websites. :smiley:
  • Paid membership would mean unlimited portfolio and customizable profile pages, revenue-sharing from advertising,etc.
  • advertising on the site would be more relevant: patent attorneys, small business finance, etc.

I’m trying to identify what the “pain-points” are for the designers, such as:

  • do they need education on copyright laws specific to creative businesses
  • do they need access to startup capital from firms that specialize in product development?
    The site can have educational info on topics like the above.


aint gonna fly.

just from the production cost standpoint, i dont think you’d get much participation. most individual designers just dont have access to a camera, studio, sound etc. and good enough editing tools to make something of quality. if a video was you tube quality in production values, would likely make a designer look worse than better vs. a traditional portfolio site.

besides, what benefit is there really to showing something in video (ie. talking through a product line, etc.) that a portfolio can’t capture. if anything, its would be harder to see the product, the details, the graphics, etc. aside from adding a little bit of personality…(which in my experience conducting interviews is in most cases a bad thing- not that designers dont have a good personality, but many just come off too casual, not professional enough and playing to a camera instead of a person sounds like a recipe for disaster).

sounds like a solution to an non-existent problem.


I got to agree, servers dont cost much and bandwidth is pretty cheep so if you did have a few products that needed to be shown in motion just plunk it on your own site.

Thanks, this is very valuable feedback for me.

  • If we were to bear the production cost for a 5 minute interview snippet for 2 selected artists (chosen by viewers) every month , would that tempt anyone to signup for free? A professionally produced (high-definition) snippet is worth around $2500 based on our estimation.

not to me

Advertising only works if your competitors don’t bother. Otherwise, it just becomes an additional cost that leads to reduced margins. Therefore, I would rather create a unique website that displays my products in a novel fashion over a generic portal.

zero value for me.

plus, are you gonna come all the way up to toronto to film me, or am i supposed to teleport to you?

for $2500 i can print and send out 100’s or professional mailers direct instead of making a video that nobody would watch.

designer’s i dont think are really in need of a video is the key thing. put it this way- would it help anyone really get a job? probably not.



  • The $2500 would not be an expense to you. We would hire local camera and crew to film you at your location.
  • The business model really boils down to offering free promotion to designers like you, with us earning revenue from advertising sponsors. It’s really WebTV for designers, which I hope investors will find exciting in the long-term.

The feedback from you is useful because I did not imagine designers would be averse to advertising on generic portals, even when it’s free! :frowning:

I realize the number of people who responded (3) is statistically insignificant, and all of you seem to be established veteran designers, rather than new struggling ones, but it’s still a revelation to me!

If you think value can be added in a different way via new-media, please do let me know!

Thank you for your responses. :smiley:

I could see designers, especially ones starting out wanting to get on something like that. I’m just not sure who would sponsor something like that? Or who would watch it other than family and friends of those featured? It’s a nice idea, kind of like an Art 21 for designers, ART21 | PBS

Thanks MD.
Besides approaching US design schools, which I’m doing anyway, are there any other forums similar to this one where I could find these new designers? These are the people I’m targeting, rather than established ones.

I’m betting on the “network-effect” for monetizing the site. Regarding ad-sponsors, they can range from local accountants and suppliers to software companies like Adobe, depending on traffic. Getting them to sponsor the site is my job, and my company will bear the “carry-cost” till we reach critical-mass for attracting advertisers.


I think it will be cool. Also check out the video lectures does.

check out:

Many thanks MD. This is all really good info for me.
Please also accept my LinkedIn invite.