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Hi all,

Long time Core 77 lurker, first time poster.

I recently started a blog to share some of my non 9-5 projects, the most recent post can be found here

Would really appreciate any feedback on any of the projects. Most of the stuff that I have shared thus far is very early on in the process, with little refinement of the design as such

Hi Sam, welcome. Think you might get more response if you post the content into the discussion thread.

Hi Yo,

Thankyou for the advice, I’d thought I’d wait til I uploaded the next post to do so.

One of the projects that I’m working on at the moment that seems to be showing some promise is an inexpensive approach to touch lighting. Although early days, this consists of a touch sensor that is wired up to a conductive strip. Touch anywhere on the strip and the lights turn on. I need to focus on the actual design side of this- the user interface, wall panel, and aesthetics. A video of the working system installed in my spare room can be found here: would appreciate any feedback! Is this just too horrendously ugly for anyone to want in their home, as it effectively turns your room into a giant circuit board.