Projectiño: iPad sketch glove - [On hold]

As of 1-19, this project is on hold until I finish my portfolio.


Hello CoreFriends!

This semester I decided to work on a series of short projects (projectiños) to expand my breadth of experience and experiment with things.

I recently got an iPad to use as a portfolio, and got a stylus to sketch on. It was really annoying because my palm/pinky kept disrupting the capacitive sensing, unless I lifted everything up and only used the stylus to touch the screen (this produced less than desirable results).

Since I haven’t sewn in a while and I want to try to design something fashionable, I decided to start designing an iPad glove. No name yet (suggestions welcome). So this is the first out of a series of projectiños I will do this semester.

Similar to Project Modai, I will be documenting my process here and on my blog (


Initial concept

I’ve been working on a glove for iPad users to wear while sketching with a stylus to prevent capacitive interference from your palm/pinky. I realize there are a few products out there, but they feel a little dorky:

I haven’t found a catchy name yet for the glove, but it’ll come one day.

Step 1 - Mood board
I started looking for some imagery that I felt could inspire the aesthetics of the glove. It should be something that you aren’t embarrassed of wearing and someone fashionable would be able to sport it.

Step 2 - Sketch modeling
First and foremost this glove needs to fit and prevent capacitive interference. I started out with a paper cutout that I hacked away at until it felt okay, then I traced it onto a piece of felt I have left over from Project Modai to make this:

The glove has one wrap around your palm and one around your pinky (since your pinky moves around as you draw different types of lines).

Step 3 - Sketching
To refine the form through sketching, I traced some photos I took to create this template that I printed and sketched over.

I explored functionality for the wraps/straps, a little CMF (although the mood board already pointed me in some specific directions, mainly with the grey felt).

Step 4 - Materials
This will be a short project, but it will end with a functional final prototype that I will actually use. I spent a few hours gawking over fabric stores online (because it’s hard for me to get to one in snowy, icy Pittsburgh with no car). I will order a felt placemat (that’s just a rectangle cut of wool felt) from feltplanet on It should give me a few gloves to mess up on while I practice sewing/cutting.

I found some microsuede on fabric stores but I really don’t know what microsuede will look like. I hope it’s got a bit more texture than microfiber cloths I use to clean stuff. The iPad sleeve I got from Incipio has nice suede interior and I’m gonna see if I can get something similar to it.

Next steps
I will proceed with the three string wrap around concept. The main body of the glove is 100% Virgin Merino Wool Felt (if I can get my hand on it), with brown microfiber/suede bottom that cleans your screen as you draw. I will get a long piece of black string and attach some sort of wooden talisman or other to secure the end after wrapping.

I need to purchase materials and acquire a sewing machine + thread. Should probably address thread color in some sketching. I also need to do a few more felt sketch models based off of my sketches to see if my forms work well.

I have the same problem, the problem is there needing the solution.

It is very easy to veer into dork territory with an odd glove/hand-outfit. Why not a ventilated fingerless glove with a longer little finger and an integrated pad on the downside? Keep it firmly in the conventional and it will be adopted by a larger audience.

This one finger version is for fishing and shows the oddity of interrupting the five digit convention.

Interesting idea.

I don’t have an iPad, so don’t have the issue with touching unwanted functions, but I do have a Cintiq. The main issue here is oils from your hand clogging up the screen…

I know i’ve looked at gloves in the past, but was put off by how odd they look as well. I’ve even used paper under my hand to “glide” on the screen better and having a little shammy to clean the screen is crucial for me. I definitely like the fact your thinking about the aesthetic need to transform something a little odd into a cooler piece. Maybe it’s all about minimalism? It’d be fun to explore how LITTLE fabric/form you can use and still allow it to function properly.

Cool little project.

I agree, but I think all the current solutions that interrupt the five digit convention aren’t very well considered. I believe the primary dork factor to that glove you showed is the fact that it is neoprene in a gross corporate blue/black and a tacky wrist band. I want to use different materials that aren’t elastic/form-fitting/tight (speedo-like) and become more like functional jewelry. Wool felt/leather combinations are very “in” right now (see


JBallard: that is an interesting suggestion. I did think about the approach of having as little fabric as possible, but I like the idea of having a little more fabric for me to play with visual form, materials, that would make it more fashionable.

Thanks for the comments!

Just do a whole hand glove with conductivity where you need it and insulation were you need – multi-colored/multi-textured. Sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just make it more sophisticated.

Interesting concept, and I appreciate you looking at softer more lifestyle-like materials (suede, wool, felt, etc.) But as others have said, you’re going to be walking a fine line between function+style and function+total dork factor.

If you aren’t careful, you might end up like this:

The Powerglove is, admittedly, completely awesome given the right context.

Yuu-esss!!! +1 for even remembering this thing.

Tarn, copy and paste=Project finished! Next project…

2 things quickly jumped in my head:

1)to me I do my digital sketch on my tablet PC (Wacom hardware), so have multiple pressure points vs 1 pressure point the iPad has. To me I find more serious people will have a Wacom or tablet with multiple pressure point vs using a iPad with mimic’d pressure points. How many serious iPad sketchers are out there? I guess that’s more of a question of if there’s a big enough market out there for this.

2)I wouldn’t want to wear a glove, but that’s just me. I find it it could make my hand sweat over time when I’m in the comfort of my warm indoor room. But I’m not a serious sketcher. But from there I had an idea, instead of a secondary accessory how about changing the pen design so the hand rest on a tray…or something like that. Have it attached or be part of the pen to separate the unwanted hand from the screen. Just an idea at least??

Thanks for all the caveats. As I’ve said before, I’m completely aware of them. I’m prepared to have a failed object that’s dorky, but hopefully I’ll have learned something.

In terms of there being a market for this? Probably not much. This project mainly arose out of my own needs, and if it turns out okay it’ll be something I just slip in my iPad sleeve and carry with me when I need to take notes, sketch, etc.

Or sell on Etsy!

Etsy seems like the breeding grounds for felt-based products.

I’m putting this project on hold until I finish my portfolio. Thanks for the support, and I’ll definitely be pack. I’m just going to use my prototype to draw for now.