Projected Image Visible in Alias Preview...But Renders Not


I’m trying to render a circular ball-in-maze concept (see “Pediamaze” in “Project” section of discussion groups) and I am trying to project a fairly complicated image onto the back wall of the maze, which is intersected throughout by the walls of the maze. What is irritating is that in perspective view this image is visible, but when I try to render it it only shows the under color of the shader, not the projected image. Are there limitations to projected image sizes? Resolutions? Formats? What am I missing that is preventing this image from rendering, either directly or via the rendering engine? I really appreciate your help, and look forward to your response. I’ve also tried to apply the image as a surface file under the shader color, but that came up terribly distorted around the hole that is also in that surface. It will make sense if you take a look at the screen capture in the project section, I swear…

Thanks again,