Okay. So my previous employer, a real jerk finally released two sites that I designed while with her.

There are minute layout changes and coding changes to it that I had no control over, since I quit. But the overall design and concept is mine.


In my shoes now. You recently cut ties with your former employer (under some ridiculously shady circumstances) and you are rebuilding your website. Do you :

A. Place the sites in there?
B. Place the sites in there with a link / reference to her studio?
C. Nothing, because she was really that terrible.

Note they will go in my printed portfolio book, but that is only shared person to person, where as the website is public venue and I know can conjur up some legal issues. And this site isn’t to drum up business but rather show my work, I have another site dedicated to business related materials.

First, it’s up to your good judgment to decide if the work is even worth showcasing in this way. Second, your legal right, or lack thereof, to show the work in this way depends on the agreement you two made when you accepted the position.

There were no agreements written or verbal.

Should I inform her that I want to use them? And other print related projects, she always gave me a final copy of.

If the designs that you worked on have been made available to the public then I don’t see any reason why you can’t claim to have worked on the designs.

You did the work while employed there, would that not be evident in your resume as well?

I wouldn’t highlight anything online that wasn’t released publicly though, that can get you into legal trouble, besides, it’s unethical. As far as putting those kinds of things in a print portfolio it’s somewhat of a gamble. Imagine showing some of these un-released pieces to a potential employer and then they ask if it was released, you say no, they see that you are displaying proprietory work, you might not get hired…