Project Time

Hey guys, i am new to this forum, it is however excellent reading. I am studying my Masters in Scotland in Product Design and i’m looking for an everyday problem in which i can pursue a design project. I recently though of designing an emergency shelter for the homeless but to be honest this is not were my passion lies.

It would be great if you guys could fire a few problems with society and products my way in order to make my decision making slightly easier.

Cheers guys

Before the mean people chime in :slight_smile: …I’m going to advise you that you should rephrase your question and offer more if you expect any type of an answer.

We are not going to do your work for you and find a problem that you can solve. That is in essence the most important part of the design process and what makes you a designer.

What you WILL get a response to however, is if you suggest some areas you are looking at, problems you’ve found and what you think is interesting, where your passions lie and what problems you encounter.

As has been said many times, you gotta give, to get.

Welcome to the core boards.


Yeah thats a fair point. My main focus over the years has been motorcycles, and i have considered looking into safety features, passenger comfort on sports bikes and luggage for sports bikes. I think sometimes i try to get too involved in this subject area though. However i am also interested in bmx and skateboarding, but any problem i can think of doesn’t justify a year long project in the eyes of the academics.

So what i am saying is i just need some advice to freshen up my thinking.

Cheers for the response dude, much appreciated.

I did a project on concept Surfboard manufacture & process in Uni for the same reasons… it was one of my major interests and wanted to spend design time on it, so I know where you’re coming from.

My takeaway - make it relevant to the industry if you want a good project based on an interest. Put on a design researcher hat and find problems with the current equipment, aspects causing injures, etc. Or a marketing hat and find untapped markets ,ie. IDEO/Shimano coaster hardware. If you can talk to the people that sell, make, or use the products and dig for their big challenges… you could have a great project on your hands

a homeless shelter could be interesting too… you just need to get excited about it in some way though

Don’t over think it. Do what you love.