Project Thread: Cycling Shoe feedbak

I am taking this out of the sketch-fu thread in an effort to get a bit more feedback and help let me know what you think. In honor of spring/ summer and a return to cycling and in an effort to really get a good base for shoe rendering down I decided to try out a bike shoe I am going for a super minimal approach with the design, the front stitching is meant to be raised a bit with a ridge below for improved airflow, Also working on my perspective stuff with the boa dials really want this to pop! this project is mainly a drawing/ rendering project but I am more then open to any comments. I will try to post in progress stuff

This is the first go around:

Updated this with a few of my beginning sketches and concepts

Rendering progress

Hello Dove144

The rendering is pretty good but I would explore the design more first. Is this a textile upper? I’ve never worked on a cycling shoe, but seems like a white textile upper might have some abrasion and cleanliness issues. The stitched ridges would have the effect of closing the material off more not opening it up. To get a raised section the material would in Essenes be doubled over.

I’d be more curious to see you back up to the sketch stage, work through a half dozen options showing multiple views of each, and then refine that into a render.

Yo thanks for the input, I do envision the upper being leather but after thinking about your comment about doubling over maybe I need to rethink the material. I was thinking about the leather being bonded/ laminated to a lower mesh layer, I will reinvestigate a few material options. As far as cleanliness goes, these would be road shoes and as long as they are treated and taken care of I was thinking it shouldn’t be a big issue. I will get all my sketches together and post them up, it was tough to get feedback durning my process at school because no one really has any experience with shoes so figured I would turn to you all. hopefully that will help.


Bonding those materials will effectively close off the mesh. Also if you bond it, you wouldn’t need stitches as well. But assuming it would work, you are not showing the pop of that extra material, you would see that layer as those lines wrapped around the foot. With those types of lines, a top view is going to be very important.

Also, welcome to the boards, we are pretty good about feedback on here.