Project review - side table

I thought I’d share one of my personal projects - a side table/book storage unit that I am working on for my apartment.


The picture is the first prototype that I put together yesterday. The initial idea was to create something using a CNC router (access to it at work) to store the books I have that are piled up under the window. I have been looking for a storage unit for my books for some time now, and have been generally disappointed with the various RTA stuff and the scale of more high-end shelving and storage units.

The prototype is MDF - basically a CNC-cut paper model! - and highlighted some engineering deficiencies that I had not taken into account, mostly the thin cantelevered arm that supports the glass top. The MDF is more flexible that I thought it would be, and consequently, bends under the load of the glass top. I have revised the construction a bit by laminating two of each end plate together and using locating sockets for the cross braces to streamline construction.

I’ll post some pics of the finished piece when its done.

Any suggestions/questions/etc.?

its saying chair to me. Was this done intentionally? I think you could keep the asyimatry while tweeking the profile a bit to make it more table.

I like it though. I don’t think it needs a whole lot.

I’ll post a sketch of what I am talking about later today when I get my scanner back.

I think the base a beautiful sculptural shape. I love it. The glass needs a little attention though. One suggestion would be to radius the corners, and maybe thicken the glass by a .mm or so.

It was not designed to look like a chair, but I saw it immediately once I had put the thing together. I’ve got a couple ideas in my head for a chair with similar aesthetics and construction for a future project.

The glass in the photo was just the thinnest (read: lightest weight) piece that I could find around the plant, and even it was putting a strain on the MDF. Will be going for a much thicker glass top when I get the second base constructed.

i think the supprt will look better if it has more arch to it for the vertical elements. and then on top you could put an asymetrical arch and add a metal piece for each attachment to the glass, that way fixing the glass and creating a more dynamic sculptural look. you could also design one arm shorter than the other giving it a fake perspective.

for the thin arms the metal could be added on the outer side and the back on both sides. metal pieces need to be designed so that they wont disrupt the initial forms.