Project Question (foam)

For my current project in school we need to use HDF Blue Foam and Paper and design a set of flatware. Does anyone know of anyways to “strengthen” or “stiffen” Blue Foam?

I hate this stuff its so flimsy and doesn’t seem to work with anything, but its a required media so I have to work with it…

Ive tried Spackle and wood filler but those dont really have much strength behind them so I’ve ran out of ideas, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Not sure how much you need, but you could try drilling holes to fill with thick dowels, handrails, plastic rod, pvc tubing.

the blue foam is actually just for the knife blade but its extremely flimsy causing the spackle to crack and hard 2 sand and get even

why not try some bamboo skewers, the kind you would use for kabobs. stick it through the foam, that should give it strength. u can find 'em @ the supermarket.

i would be inclined to impregnate with some kind of resin. Obviosly something that doesnt eat at the styrene, that cures hard and rigid… wouldn’t know what to use exactly though.

if you havent tried it yet, gesso works well on soft-foam. get the hard shell type gesso, don’t thin it down for the first couple coats. then sand it smooth, put a thin coat on, and a very thin coat of spackle after that, you should be able to sand up to 600 for a decent form study, and it should stay ridgid.

Thanks guys, thought about some toothpicks this moning so Im gonna make a trip to the store to pick up some gesso bamboo skewers and toothpicks