Project: Olympic Torch Proposal

I would have loved if the torch and medal proposals I did moved forward, but at least we have a couple of working prototypes in the studio now… not that we are turning them on or anything :slight_smile:

I posted about this a couple of months back in the new work topic. I recently got them professionally photographed and put up a page on the site to show them off.

Nice Michael!

Is the middle section solid timber? If so, how is the balance?

In these prototypes it is solid wood that has been hogged out from the ends. The leather wrapped sections are separate parts making it easier to hog out more material. Still they are pretty heavy. If these were produced I think we would have split it in half down the centerline so it could more easily CNC’d from both sides to remove as much weight at the top as possible. One of the prototypes is aluminum at the top and the other stainless steel and there is a noticeable weight difference there as well. Luckily the torch mechanism and fuel source do not weigh much :slight_smile:

Awesome. I saw the first pics you put up a while ago, but I hadn’t seen it with a hand holding it for scale.

You could probably counterweight the bottom as well if needed. Are there heaps of rules (more than usual I should say) to comply with for Olympic based projects?