Project Ninja going Atlantic

I sincerely hope, that Fisker will be able to pull that one off. The
elongated 2 year gestation period for production refinement sounds
a little too long for todays market, though.


I like this one a little more than the Karma, but are they going to have 2 four door sedans? I haven’t been keeping up with my karma news.

From the photos it looks like a 2 door, unless I’m missing something.

Hopefully they’ll be able to make this one more reliable.

Its a 2 door.

Looks like a 4 door with a cleverly placed door handle in the c-pillar.
Stunning surfacing. Would love to see one in person, hopefully it won’t be plagued with the technical issues of the Karma.

Well ill be damned. Good catch.

Have to see this one in person for sure. From pics the proportions look great, the surfacing on the front air dam looks a bit busy. A lot of crossing forms, but maybe it is less aggressive in person.

Hope they worked on the packaging. The Karma is the size of an H2 on the outside, and a Fiat 500 on the inside. This is very pretty though, apart from those slashy front side intakes and awful wheels.