Project: Messiah (Workstation)

Los Angeles - December 10, 2004 – pmG Worldwide, LLC ( > > ) today announced immediate availability of an amazingly priced version of its highly acclaimed character animation & rendering software. In a major move designed to enable all talented CG artists around the world to take advantage of its high-end tools, pmG proudly introduces messiah:studio workstation at an incredible price of $299 (USD). Packed with pmG’s legendary character setup, animation, shading, and rendering tools, messiah:studio workstation delivers high-powered production tools and is now well within reach of all CG artists and studios.

prices just keep dropping. not sure what it imports. used to be a LW plugin. then had link to Maya. i’d guess it pulls in most standard triangle meshes. nice option.

Looks interesting. What file formats does it work with? Couldn’t find much info on the website.