Project management system

What do you use for your work management system? good old email?
we have been trying to use Asana for the past several weeks, the problem is that sometimes people inconsistently updates on other way of communication ( ex: messenger) instead on the Asana platform, how do you create a habit to implement the system?

I’d love to hear how more people handle project management over teams. I have tried to implement Trello with very little success. Ironically, I just got this email last week: How To Bring Your Spreadsheet-Loving Team Into Trello

Maybe if you substitute the word Trello for Asana, you’ll get where you need.

What’s your objective? To fulfill the needs of the pm? Pardon my french and cynicism, fuck them.

Just came across this graphic while researching Microsoft’s new Teams application.

Pretty relevant to ANY software or process implementation.

In a way, going lean has meant for us to minimize management and focus as much as possible on development and making business.
We have tried Trello but after just a few months the data becomes so big that it doesn’t manage keeping things in a good overview.
Now we use shared spreadsheets in Google Docs plus a Teamdrive and it works great.

It really depends on what you are working with, you can either use crm like podio or if you are more into standart outlook design you can use calender and booking software like makes.

I worked in an environment where we used 10,000ft and it works pretty well. (created by a design company that has roots in the corporate workplace…)