Project Management Software

Hi all, basic question first: What software do you use for project management?

Recently I’ve been thinking that I’d like to be a little more organized with my project management, and even though it’s primarily personal discipline I’d really like a good piece of software to help me plan, organize, and track my projects as I work out a new system for myself. Suffice to say, my current system is inadequate. I had an older version of MS project on my old computer, but we rarely used it and then really only to make Gantt charts. I’m not sure if it exists, but my ideal tool would have some sort of dashboard where I could view various things such as:

  • -Personal short term action items / to do list
    -Short term action items for other team members
    -Action items for vendors
    -Project Milestones
    -Basic Gantt chart (or some other calendar-ish thing)
    -Cost tracking (sort of optional as it can be done with other software, but it’d be nice to consolidate)
    -Time tracking (sort of optional as it can be done with other software, but it’d be nice to consolidate)
    -General notes

As I look at this list I’m realizing that I really don’t need something very fancy, my biggest wish would be the ability to collect a series of lists into a project and view them all at once. Everything else would be gravy. I generally don’t work on too many projects at once, so while it would be nice to view a summary of all projects that’s really not critical. And things like viewing resource allocation are unnecessary and would go unused for a small office (<5) like ours.

I’ve briefly looked into Basecamp, but it seems more focused on team online collaboration. That seems nice I guess, but we’re so small that it’s easy to just shout across the room or use email (though there is something to be said for collecting everything for a project in one place). Plus most things in our biz can’t be worked out in just a chat, it’s necessary/easier to huddle around a screen or drawing. So what do you use, and do you have any suggestions?

Edit/PS: As you might have gathered, my primary need is for personal project management (not managing some big team), though if a few people could see each other’s “dashboard” for a particular project that could be nice.

I don’t know if it has everything you are looking for, but Behance’s Action Method has a free trial you can try out. I don’t think it does Gantt charts, but you can set due dates for everything.

Thanks, I’ll check it out. The Gantt chart isn’t a real necessity, though it can be helpful for communicating timelines or laying out gargantuan projects. Other than that I don’t find it extremely helpful day to day.

Getting Things Done by David Allen

Since you are in search for a project management software that would fit your needs, then check out this article.

AtTask provides user with a full view of your workplace activities. Your team can manage groups, set filters, customize project dashboards and utilize interactive Gantt charts. Some kind of a centralized project management software like basecamp but the difference is you can customized your own dashboard.

OpenProj is an open-source desktop project management application similar to Microsoft Project. It has a familiar user interface and even opens existing MS Project files. It also has a Gantt chart features which is helpful to track of your projects.

You can also get more options in this blog: The Best Project Management Software and Tools Compared: August 2022 It has various lists of project management software alternatives compared from each other. Features are also compared so you can see which really helps your team.

Hey seurban,
Looking at your requirements, MS Project should work for you. For a couple of months, I’ve been using the latest version of MS Project i.e. Project Professional 2010 for project management and found it very helpful. Apart from making a Gantt chart, I use it for tracking project details, project scheduling, planning, time & task management, team collaboration and more which is helping me in maximizing the efficiency and quality of my projects. Right now they have a 60 day free trial so check it out at

maybe you can try this its free :slight_smile:

I’ve been using teamlab as a central access point for my project management. It has a good collection of features for assigning task & milestones, creating a collaborative knowledge base, document management, and CRM. It’s available as a free cloud based solution where you can customize your own portal.

I’m gonna rehash this thread. I’m looking for a web based app like Basecamp that will work in China. Anyone have experience with one of this sites and China?

To answer my own question, I’ve been trying Basecamp for 2 days. Seems to work well even in China. I like the simplicity of it. I feel like a master after 60 minutes of playing.

I tried to use Project before. I suppose that works with projects that involve multi-nationals that have thousands of employees. For a small company it’s just over-kill.

I know Artfect Group was un happy with the current project management software out there so they designed there own.

Havent ever used it personally, but it seems worth checking out.