Project Management or Branding Design

What major do you recommend for my Master of Design?

  • Project Management Major
  • Branding Design Major

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Hi there, well I´ll start a Master of Design at UTS (Sydney, Australia) this february. I´m pretty excited but I haven’t decided what major to choose, there a few but the two I like are:

  1. Project Management Major
  2. Branding Design Major

They both are so good and I love them, but of course I want to take the best decision, I know they can be very different (but if you think about it they can also be very similar) so please help me out writing some comments and personal experiences on what you’ve known, heard or simply what you think.

Thinks I have to think about among many: Employment opportunities, salary, lifestyle, environment, stress :laughing: , anyway, everything!


What I’ve found is that the project management aspect of what I do ends up being a secondary skillset to product development. I feel that the branding major is something you need to truly understand the mechanics to successfully accomplish your goals. As for project management, I feel that is something you well develop as you grow professionally.

It depends on what you want to do with your future, product development or brand development. I say product management if you want to do product development, otherwise go with brand development.

Do a double-major and see if you can leave some things out that overlap.

Branding Design should have an inherent Project Management component to cover executional dynamics. Project Management is unlikely to have an integral Branding Design program. You could look to an elective to Branding Design to support a more indepth Project Management focus.

Thank you all for your comments, yeah what you say is truth, and I was also thinking on doing double major, I´ll see what I can do and I´ll may take your advice!