project load - how many?

How many projects is considered a normal amount in one year? I work for a smaller studio (referring to ID projects exclusively) we’re on course to do about 10 this year. There are less than four of us, ID staff. We’ve got typically about two weeks of concepting before the first presentation, is all this normal? I don’t want to start a chat where people show off how bad they have it, how many projects they can handle at the same time. When are we overworked? How much Is too much? I’d like to know how many is excessive, what is a reasonable project load? Our clients are constantly compressing our development time and adding new projects……

Note exactly what you are asking for but:

when I was in a consultancy my load was 2-3 projects at the same time.

Now in corporate I am following 12 active projects at once.

10 large programs for 4 people doesn’t seem out of line.

Thanks for the feedback…How long were your post-research, pre-modelation project phases typically?