Project HELP!!..looking for MANUFACTURERS!!!

Recently, i was offered a job to design some apparel/accessories related products for a small company. They saw a back pack project that i did for school on coroflot, and decided that they could use me. So far, they are pleased with my work, and we have decided upon a design. I am vaguely familiar with the production process and Im not sure how to go about finding a manufacturer and take things to the next step. This would be my first real ID freelance gig(they are aware of this), and Im grateful for the opportunity. Im almost positive Im under-charging dramatically, but its a learning experience for me. WIth all that said, Im asking for any guidance, or advice about locating manufacturers and prototype makers here in the U.S and abroad. Any comments would be so appreciated.

Heres a link to my Coroflot

Sounds like you got a good freelance opportunity.

Personally, I’d avoid anything to do with the sourcing/manufacturing, esp. considering you don’t have the experience. Just too much risk and not enough reward, unless you are cashing in on royalties or have a stake in the company. The last thing you would want to do is get between a company and supplier if things go bad (ie. not able to meet minimums, problems with quality, etc.) it will all fall back on you. I don’t know what you’ve agreed to so far, but I would let the client know this, and offer to help with the prep of the final specs, then hand the project off to them to source themselves. possibly you could offer to help on the development, review of samples to help preserve the design intent, but i’d quit while you are ahead and not get into something over your head/experience.



Thanks alot for your advice, i definately will let them know.Ive really only agreed to “assist” them in finding a manufacturer. Do you think that is a complete no-no as well?

assisting may not hurt, but my philosophy is that if it doesn’t help you, and there is risk involved (the supplier doesn’t work out) and little gain, it’s a no-go. ultimately though, of course it’s up to you to know what you can offer and follow-through with…


I’ll agree with R, just deal with the specs, let them deal with the sourcing and manufacturing.

it’s really have the risk to find some oversea supplier, especially for you.
You could ask the small company help you find some supplier.