project finished...comments?

this was a conceptualization project, one week. i chose to do a shoe, thought you guys might like it…the idea is using a solid wood sole, but making it flexible by sectioning it and running a steel rod through the center. the sections tilt with the position of the foot and each section is secures by the laces…like the bridges at the playground when you were a kid…if you ran threw the middle (and fast) you be fine but stay to one side too long…fall off into the sand…the idea was making a solid, flexible in a way…

I can see you’ve put some work into it…but…

it looks like the A-team got stuck in a hardware store and could only get out by building a shoe…

thats just my opinion though.

nice look but not sure of the benefit of lateral flexibility.

lateral flexibilty=laterral instability and enables supination or pronation; which is a less than desireable feature for a sole unit.

in other words by rotating the sole unit flexibilty around the medial line (the steel rod) of the sole unit would lead to greater chance of injury just by walking. plus the steel rod prevents flexibilty where it is most desireable: thru the ball and toes of the foot.

Like you say:“if you ran threw(sic) the middle (and fast) you be fine but stay to one side too long…”

and you’d fall off and hyperextend your ankle…:exclamation:

of course, its was just conceptual, not intended for actual use, more of 3d (rendering assignment) more for the purpose of trying to intigrate something solid(wood) into something usually not used in footwear… its a clog basically…

kind of like a timber nike free? Perhaps look at how the foot actually flexes - not so straight. Are the laces just to hold the wooden bits on? shoe looks like it wouldnt really adjust - no throat or gusset area to provide fit zone?

In terms of the purpose of your project, Excellent 3D rendering!


hi there!

the only way to create a solid wood sole flexible is separate the sole in parts and putting rubber between them,i tell you that because i worked in this kinda idea in the past for a sandal´s brand.

but the conceptualization is nice,and the presentation is nice as well.