Project/Development management software.

OK i am am looking a for a certain software/web app that helps manage a database to record and catalogue production information such as projects ,samples, material listings, costs, specifications, factories etc. in a easy to use, reliable, near fail safe, use over multiple platforms way and is highly updatable.

I do not have the time to compile, build and edit spreadsheets, nor the budget to hire a developer to do so, nor a VP of Production who is competant enough to handle the above.

I know it exists; one of the last places I worked in house was toying with a system like it but reckoned it would be cheaper/easier to get the same results with Product Developers wielding Excel spread sheets.

Any one got any recommedations and experience with something like this?

i have used a back end management system (which i designed myself to eventually plug into my website-when i get the tiem to complete it) so that I can enter orders and automatically notify sub contrcators, sub contractors sign in a sign off work per order, order in materials, check stock on materials per order, cost project, see project progress etc

Because i knew what i needed i got a very good student in to work with me and create the system for me. It took time but does exactly what i need + i can adapt and edit over time

A friend in Portugal sells software to manage footwear design from first development sketches right through to shipping the production. At least he did some years ago - send me a pm and I’ll send you his email address.