Project: crotch rocket

I sort of made up a project for myself with the criteria being it had to be the absolute antithesis of what I do at my day job (internship at artsy fartsy design studio). After brainstorming for about five minutes I settled on doing some sort of transportation design project because It was something I had never tried before. Here is where I am so far. I really don’t know anything about motorcycles so there may be some elements that are just blatantly wrong.

for my next step I want to generate a computer model of this bike. I have never really attempted a computer model this complex before and am unsure how to proceed. In a trans design program how do they teach you to translate your sketches into a computer model? is there even an easy answer or is it just trial and error until you get the proportions that you are happy with?

Make lot’s of sketches of your design in different views. Draw ot’s of sections across them to make sure YOU know what your form is.

What CAD program are you going to use?

I have access to Solidworks, Rhino and Cobalt (blech). I know Solidworks allot better, however think it may be too difficult attempt in a solids modeling program.

I was thinking of doing whatever I could in solidworks and then importing the more organic parts from Rhino like the gas tank. good idea?

cool illi sketches.

Nice to see an extra project taken on.

It looks a bit like the Starck designed Moto Aprilia 65, but that is not a bad thing.

My input would be that aside from the overal gesture, which it looks like you have nicely, there is a lot of elemtal design in bikes. By that I mean a lot of individual small parts that look much better with some design attention. If it where me, I would do some studies of things like exaust tips, handle grips, intraments, before moving to 3d (or in my case before working with someone to model it)