Project Critique

I haven’t posted anything in awhile. But here is my most recent shoe project. Tell me what you.



I’m not really in a position to critique your designs (I just started studying ID) but I did notice that scale between the figure and your shoe design in the last sheet (the line figures wearing the shoes during various activities) was really off and I had trouble focusing on the look of your shoes. The football player, boxer, and weight lifter are the most out of proportion with their shoes. They need to be almost 50% larger for some of them to look right. Maybe there’s some standard proportion of shoe to height ratio that you could find.

It’s a small, perhaps superficial, detail but it bothered me and it should probably be pretty easy for you to adjust in illustrator or whatever program you’re using. Sometimes its hard to see scale issues when you’ve been working on a project for so long.

Overall, your work looks great to me, though.

Nice work Reggie! I think one of the most unique/interesting parts of the design is the midsole/outsole construction. The exploded view gives us a good idea of how the upper comes together, but it does not give much information about the outsole. I would love to see a view of how that piece comes together in detail. I also agree that the proportions of the shoes seem a little small on your storyboards. Those sketches do a good job of showing us your thinking about the shoe’s market, but fixing those proportions would put them over the top. Keep it up!

I’m not really good at drawing people so I tend to find a picture that I like and sketch over it, and adding my shoes in the scene. The weight lifter had small feet, the boxer feet are pointed toward the background giving the illusion that his feet are small, and the football player feet were contorted in some weird position making his shoe/feet look really small. With that said I can try to change the size of the feet/shoe.

What would you like to see? I have the little cross section to the side and call outs pointing out certain features? There are some material call outs about the midsole and outsole on the exploded view page. Do you want see exactly how the rubber outsole attaches to the midsole? Other than that I can’t think of anything else that I can show.

Anyone else have any comments or suggestions?

I have to say I like the design Reggie. (then again, i love just about anything with an asymmetric toe-down!)

I also like your sketch pages but I would say that your colourway page isn’t doing much for me personally.(but I can see you are keeping with traditional BBall colour themes.) Perhaps some more subtle earth toned variants or unexpected colours would create a wider appeal for those who like the comfort and performance of athletic footwear, but aren’t too keen on the team sports colour palettes.

also, I suspect I would likely be put of from purchasing by them having too little rubber on the heel strike section of the outsole.

…but overall, I like!

From a detail standpoint I feel that the lateral view, toe dow, and outsole feel a little unrelated. The outsole is ordered, rhythmic, and a little overly symmetrical (no foot flow to it), while the lateral view is very much like the latest le Bron in my eyes, and then the toe down becomes very geometric… you also would not want that much foam in the midfoot, it is going to be bulky, hot and prevent flex. The render falls a little flat as well… I’m being harsh for a reason, I KNOW how good you are and I know you can do better than this. Overall this feels a bit old to me, I don’t see a young guy rocking it with style.

I can see the resemblance between my design and the Lebron VII. I haven’t followed Nike basketball much for almost the past 2 yrs. If I would have notice the design similarities I would have went in another direction. I can also see where the toe looks generic. As far as too much foam in the mid-foot, do you suggest giving the shoe more arch in that area to help eliminate some foam? But thanks for the feedback. Really appreciate it.

Looking a little more closely at your cross section, it actually does not match the exploded view. I thought, when looking at the exploded view, that the rubber somehow interlocked with the midsole. In the cross section, it looks like the rubber is an ultra thin layer on the midsole, maybe to thin. Also, I do not think the foam is too think at the midfoot. Maybe Yo was referring to the waist of the midfoot, or the width when you look at a bottom view, being too wide.