Project Competition Category Poll

What Project Competition Category would interest you?

  • Transportation
  • Furniture
  • Footware/Soft Goods
  • Consumer Products
  • Toys
  • Green Products
  • Interactive
  • Other

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this poll is for WIP projects. not completed work. idea is people would enter and post work-in-progress updates. then enter a final presentation.

logistics need some thought (e.g. PM me and i set up “sticky WIP” for entries). specifics of how to document (e.g. images are specific rez/filesize/etc). stuff like that. there might be some polls later to answer some of those questions. but biggest concern is interest and participation. if only one or two people enter, it’s not worth doing. so i’m interested in hearing about what people might consider. what would get us the most participation. and what benefits us all the most. the core idea is to learn something.

feel free to discuss pluses/minuses of one category over another. if you choose “Other” then please post what you’d like to do. this is only to get a sense of where your heads are at.

Poll will only run for 14 days

I voted toys, since I have yet to see a toy competition. Unless there’s one that i’m completely missing, if so pls tell me.
A WIP competition sounds cool, some 3d sites i visit already do that.
A nice way to showcase a design process (conception process of the design process, but still…)
I’d vote for more subjects electronics, furniture, etc… i dont think the subject would be the main criteria for me to enter or not, it’ll probably be time, rules and prizes :slight_smile: in that specific order. after that the subject and so on.

Nice to know someone is organising something.

Cheers, Artur T.

Time - considering that now. maybe around holidays get it started. not a big project. just lots of time. ease in to it.

Rules - probably follow similar rules as other online comps. Core/PopSci is pretty good reference. and might either go with voting, judging, or both. dont want to make this too big a production. its a learning competition. not like most where people work in isolation. pop out final design. those are fun to see. but more fun to see how the final evolved. materialized. and more educational for everyone.

Prizes - working on that. may already have this resolved for one comp. we’ll see. i want this to be an ongoing thing. maybe a quarterly thing (maybe it should run Dec - Mar?)

something to consider is intellectual property. obviously if shown online, it’s public. rights are essentially lost. people need to consider that. at school, most rights belong to the school. no use in worrying. but online is another story. something to think about. otoh. people who believe they have more than one idea in them should welcome chance to show what they can do.

poll should be over. hoping forum code did its thing. but discussion is still open.