Project Book Review?

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The housewares show comp would be the one for this, but my question is ; What problem did you solve? I see nothing new / different or innovative other then another form variation on a vessel.

maybe i need to tell my story better, but this is a bottle that is re-usable, you fill it at home, eliminating the bottle waste of throwing away an empty cleaning bottle. It also allows you to make your own cleaning solutions so you know exactly what’s in them (this is already a trend. but no one has a good bottle to mix them in. all other cleaning bottles have narrow mouths which makes refilling them a pain in the butt).

and ill definitely check out that comp. thanks!!

I understand that the bottle is refillable, but so are all other ones out there…

with most cleaning bottles on the market, the company is paying to ship liquid around the world (when that really isn’t necessary). You buy the bottle full and then to re-fill it you have to buy more cleaning solution and find your funnel.

I am trying to make a bottle for someone who wants to clean more naturally. Why should they have to buy a cleaning bottle, empty it, and then refill it with their own solution. My idea just simplifies the cleaning process. It is made to be easily refillable. The others on the market are not.

Its fine if we disagree :slight_smile: I appreciate your feedback!

The concept isn’t bad.
You can build a whole UX story around selling the concentrated cleaning solution instead of new bottles, which would be a realistic business model. A little like printer companies are making money not with printers but with the ink.

For this to work though, you will need to design an attractive and compelling bottle. With that large handle, I would suspect that the bottle will tip over as soon as the liquid gets low.
I think you could definitely work on the surfacing of the bottle to make it a bit more elegant. It looks a little heavy handed right now.

A few other points:
Why is the first image I see of a competitor product? My first thought was that this is your design in context. Maybe you put it there to highlight the problem you are trying to solve but since you haven’t explained anything to me yet, I see nothing wrong with this picture.

In general, your presentation looks a little drab, clinical and sad. I think just a little PS work and bumping up the saturation as well as adjusting the levels will do wonders.
This becomes especially clear in your magazine ad shot, which is really dark. The dark grey background isn’t doing you many favors.

You got a good, solid start here but I would work on refining the design a bit and maybe re-render the product.
There are some great examples here in the projects section.

mmm… well, at least user acceptance of the form shouldn’t be an issue.