Project: Bond

I will soon be applying for an internship at Nike and I thought designing a shoe for James Bond would help separate me from the pack. I’ve begun the final rendering process and was wondering if I could get some suggestions on improving it. I’m having some issues with rendering the sole, specifically the herringbone patterns in the rubber lugs. All criticism is welcome and appreciated thanks!

When James Bond is out protecting the free world from the likes of Spectre, he is assisted by a vast array of gadgets, one of which is his shoes. Disguised as a luxurious italian oxford, the MI6 oxford is standard issue to all agents in the field.


-Partial bootie for improved fit
-Laces double as choke wires
-Carbon Fiber forefoot panel, for improved support (Like the Nike Mercurial Vapor SL)
-Toe bumpers can deliver an electric shock to aid in combat. Bumper is activated via Bonds Omega Seamaster watch.


  • Poron inserts along with EVA footbed, provide cushion
    -Carbon Fiber shank plate for support.
  • Medial side of left heel hides a lock pick (located specifically to be used if Bond is handcuffed)
  • Right heel hides a homing beacon under the footbed.
  • Rubber lugs provide traction (like the AJ XVIII)

Still a lot of work left, but hopefully you get the gist of it.

Nice thought process but Nike is about sport. I don’t think this will grab people’s attention enough, especially because your design is very subdued.

If you were to do a shoe for Bond, do a training shoe. We see a lot of Bond in action, we don’t see him training. Make a fictitious training routine and develop a collection of 3 shoes for that.

1> Running shoe for 4:30 am 15 mile jogs through mine fields,
2> Training shoe for 4 hour gym work outs, dead lifting 400 lbs on a slippery floor while someone fires a 50 caliber machine gun next to his ear
3> football (soccer) boot (he’s British for god’s sake, I’m sure he kicks the football around a bit)… if that is too cliche, something around rugby or cricket.

I think that would catch people’s attention!

Also, make sure the sketches and boards have energy! Her are a few examples:

Very nice examples, Yo. Thanks for posting those!

OK, so much thanks to YO, now I can really have fun with this project. So I went back to the drawing board, looked at my own workout routine as well as other people’s and I came back with this craziness:

So after watching most of the Bond films, I’ve concluded that the number one concern for Bond is endurance. He’s gotta be to take a lot of punishment and dish it out too. So his training routine is focused on getting him to perform at a high level for long periods of time.

-4:30 run through mine-fields, wall climbs, sand traps, bodies of water, all while being pursued (just to make it interesting).

-Total body workout: Bench press, dumbbell flies, pull ups, deadlifts, shoulder press, shoulder flies, leg extensions, and squats. No rest, rather, Bond will run for 30 seconds between every set and exercise.

  • Combat training in various situations: close quarters fighting, fighting while outnumbered, combat in restraints, and fighting while exhausted.

This is just for starters, I’ve kind of just thrown reason out the window because if Bond is the best in the world, then he’s gonna have to be able to do some unbelievable things right?

I think this collection will be shoes for three different Bonds. Bond undercover (tux and all), Bond in the field, and Bond in training.

Thanks again YO, I was having a difficult time making this project more dynamic!

All the advice given by Yo is good. Another thing you might want to consider is to present only what you can show in the drawing. By that I mean, in your description you mention all sorts of fantasy technology (ie. Medial side of left heel hides a lock pick), but don’t show any of it. Either show it, or don’t mention it as it comes of as BS, and doesn’t give your presentation the dose of reality that a brand would want from a designer.

It’s Ok to have crazy stuff in a concept, but just talking about features that you don’t show doesn’t mean anything and is often a negative. If you could show for example how exactly the hidden lock pic tool works, how it is removed, what it looks like, etc, it would be better…


It’s funny you should mention that because I was just addressing that by drawing up some more diagrams illustrating the features, including an exploded view. Thanks for the tip!

I apologize for constantly asking for feedback, but since it’s winter break, it’s kind of hard to get in contact with classmates and professors (kind of sucks living in another state) for feedback.

Sorry for the grainy quality, scanner pooped out on me, so I had to use the camera phone. This is what I came up with initially as a training shoe for Bond.

The color is in no way final, it just made the illustration easier to read.

It’s a cross trainer/ trail running type platform. I plan on doing focusing some more attention on the sole since it’s going to have to be able to grip a wide variety of surfaces. I will upload more images for critique when I get the chance. All criticism is highly encouraged!

Looks good, a step above the dress shoe you posted earlier.

waaaay better than the rendering! Keep posting more. It’s hard to really comment on a single sketch. let’s see more process, details, etc. the sketchwork is quite good though and much stronger than the flat rendering in both execution and design…


Bond always has gadgets to aid him. Maybe this shoe has some blue sky sole that gives him crazy up’s to scale walls - ejectors/hydraulics of some sort. Maybe the ability to run over water?!? get crazy

I’m reserving the real craziness for his field shoe. I’m thinking his training shoe should just be something to help him achieve his best physically. But yeah, I will be sure to bring the craziness for his field shoe!

Bbarn^^^ I don’t know about getting too crazy. I have found that companies tend to blow off concepts when you can’t explain every stitch of how you will manufacture it and make it work. There was a day when I thought they wanted to see that type of stuff, but it just doesn’t seem to apply when it really comes down to it and it becomes a waste of thought and time developing it.

The second sketch is definitely better and the idea of a collection as Yo suggested is a great one. Be careful about highlighting “3 stripes” on your running shoe. Great start!

**Edit- in this case, since you are doing 3, it is probably good to do one crazy one as long as you can fully explain the other 2 =)

I would keep it simple. The trend in footwear is going to simple and functional. In fact the trend in most things. Look at Bond himself. This new James bond is much more basic. Gone are all the gadgets, no more Q. He is the lone agent in the field with great training an reflexs. Much more gritty and raw. The shoes should compliment that.

Also, he has a military background, so even his training shoe should probably reflect that. You are not designing shoes, you are designing essential pieces of training equipment.

i like where you are going with this. but dont be afraid to go crazy & off the wall, be smart when you design but also be yourself, certain companies may not be interested in some crazy james bond jet shoe and just dismiss the project, but if you love doing that type of stuff then maybe thats not the company for you.

Just wanted to throw the fact out there that you dont want to curtail your ability or passion to try and mold yourself to what company x is gonna want to see! no matter what anybody tells you… in my opinion.

Dont be afraid to do a nike training shoe and them maybe the field shoe is branded northrop grumman or lockheed, and his formal shoe is Zegna or somethiing. I love nike but i get kind of sick of students doing nothing but nike/adidas/puma projects by default when they think of footwear. I think nike would probably do the best trye of true training shoe for james bond, but would they really do his field and formal shoes… heck no. again, just my opinion, i look forward to seeing where you take this.

and yes your marker rendering is 100% better than your computer rendering… stick to your strengths.

^^^Great points.

greed on both counts… but Rolls Royce would be be better! They make the jet engines for Harriers and such.

This question is probably directed at YO, or anyone else familiar with Nike’s technologies. To my knowledge a carbon fiber spring plate is not something that is used in running footwear correct? A friend of mine suggested I put one in, but I don’t think it really helps in this case. I would think a stiff springy plate in the forefoot would contribute to foot fatigue, and would compromise the shoe’s agility.Thoughts?

Less tends to be more. I think the key is not to get to tricky, keep it honest and purely functional based on observation. For example, take an old pair of running shoes, and slip in a hard sheet of metal under the sockliner on one foot, and on the other foot, put some slices in the rubber under the forefoot to relieve tension. I bet the one with material taken out feels better than one with material put in.

2 of the Nike greats, Tinker Hatfield and Mike Aveni, used to play basketball at lunch. One day they decided to do an experiment, every 10 minutes they would cut something off their shoes, to see what was the most minimal shoe they could effective play in. The shoes got pretty minimal before they started to fall off.

So I’ve gone back and seriously retooled the Bond trainer concept. But I’m having trouble figuring out how to make it seem like something Bond would wear, at least from an aesthetic standpoint. Basically I’m having trouble figuring out how to put elements of Bond in it.

aston martin, walther ppk, omega seamaster, rolex submariner…the man has so many things to draw inspiration from.

when i think ‘james bond’, i’d go with a sleek and sophisticated shoe. minimalist upper without a lot of color-blocking. just like any good spy, all the technology is hidden within the shoe, so it would appear unassuming but would be fitted with all the cool stuff like free sole, fly-wire and zoom air.

basically, sky’s the limit with james bond =)