Project: 1 Strike Hammer

My friend Tallac House ( and I have been working on a little side project, the 1 Strike. The idea was to make a beautiful terrible hammer. This concept is made from machined aluminum with machined brass strike plates (terrible materials for a hammer) with walnut inlays. If you swipe through the images you can see we propose for the hammer to come in a wall mountable walnut box with a single CNC’d nail. Pricing on this came back ridiculously high so we are redesigning it a bit for manufacturing while keeping the color concept of a beautiful but terrible hammer. I thought I’d share this early concept.

It is a bit of a poke at “art products” that are visually interesting but don’t work. The small semantic difference might be we not only know that but are promoting it! I’ve got nothing against terrible but desirable products like the Alessi Juicy Salif, we were just having a little fun riffing off that. We’ve been thinking about doing some faux ethnographic research where we film contractors explaining how bad it is.

Brass hammers are actually not uncommon. They’re considered a “soft face” hammer where you strike other metals. They’re also considered “sparkless”, meaning they won’t throw an accidental spark. Common on oil rigs. Since brass deforms, the plates are replaceable - much like your design.

Not a fan of your approach, seems rather pointless, but who am I to judge. At first I thought you wanted to make the “in case of emergency break glass” hammer look better, since most of them are never ever used but have to be visible and accessible at all times, sorta like a better looking fire extinguisher. That would actually be a business opportunity and not just provoking art (which too has its’ place in this world)

I’m with engio on this one, brass hammers are common like dirt. Used them a lot in my previous life doing car restorations. It is also easy for me to think your “aluminum” bit is polished steel. I totally can see a Ferrari owner wanting that for his knock-off Borani wires. Sorry, but I have to give you a C- for an art project. :frowning:

  • one on the pointless. And, those Borrani wheels are going to need a lead or zinc hammer.

Pricing on this came back ridiculously high so we are redesigning it a bit for manufacturing

Do you not consider manufacturing processes while you are designing?!

I feel like you fell somewhere in the middle of “art products” and normal functional design. It’s not sculptural or beautiful enough in it’s own right, and not functional enough to be useful. I find it kind of hilarious (maybe sad) you’re comparing this to the Alessi juicer, which is an attractive design reminiscent of Brancusi’s Bird in Space. Your design is just awkward. Proportions are awful, choice of materials (aesthetically speaking) is questionable, and the overall form is just so boring.

iab is kind with his C-, I’d give it a solid F.

Awesome, thanks for the responses! I love that people are hating on it! I’ll be using some of these quotes for sure.

Seriously though, thanks for the info on brass hammers. We were not aware of all of that. As we go through the second iteration it will be fun to play with some of this feedback.

You didn’t know brass hammers existed? Did you not do any research on this during your design process? Did you know that aluminum hammers also exist? How are you designing this without thinking about manufacturing processes?

This project seems to be the result of a troll. Did you know that trolling is against the forums rules?


It has been a long time, 30+ years, but I am pretty sure we used brass for the knock-offs.

The illustrations are compelling. Two strikes left. Keep swinging.

I thought it was quite funny. I don’t see any harm in setting yourself projects just to have fun with.

This reminds me of something my dad had hanging in the garage when I was a kid.

It was a very similar nicely finished Wooden frame with a gold plated/painted screw mounted neatly on a black felt frame with the word “Yourself” printed underneath. Took me a while as a kid to get it, but I get the same vibe :wink:

Mike, LOL, that is some top shelf dad humor right there! I love it.

[Rushes to hardware store to buy brass screw and felt]

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The ‘best made’ axes come to mind.