programs they use to make shrek for example


I wondered if they use 3D studio max for making such kind of movies!

And how hard it is to master the program untill you can make such cool stuff, is it just the happy few or are there actually more people how are able to make such stuff?


Yes, 3DS makes movies. I think Hellboy was one…but I can’t be 100% sure. I even think a good chunk of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy was done in Max.

But just like the debate over CAD for design, no one software package is BEST. There are ones that are better for one thing and others that are good for another.

Especially with 3D for movies, and effects, etc. there are a lot of different disciplines. Character Design, Animation, Rigging, Lighting, Shading, Backgrounds, Fluids and other effects. Its like any other job. Anyone can learn it. A few will be the stars, the rest of us will grind out a very competent career.

Learn 3D. Not necesarily a package. Learn lighting and the physics behind it. Learn timing for animation. Figure out what area you like most and then get damn good at it.

You can buy 3DS Max, or Maya, or you can learn it all and get very competent using Blender (a very good FREE 3D rendering, modeling and animation package).