Program Suggestions & Tutorials

I’m currently entering my Senior year for Mechanical Engineering. Up until this point any immersion in 3D modeling / CAD software has been at an extreme minimum. This seems counter intuitive to me since we are constantly told we need to represent our ideas with designs whether they are computer generated or hand drawn. I’m not going to kid myself into thinking I’m capable of being successful in the hand drawn aspect, so I’m focusing on the computer side of things. I’m currently using Solidworks and PRO/E simultaneously with my internship, and I’m starting to realize my lack of knowledge with either program. Recently I started working through the built in tutorials in the Solidworks Help menu, and I’ve been scouring the internet for any other ones. I’m hoping by winter to be able to get my CSWA certificate. I’m curious if anyone has any ideas where to find more tutorials for either program online, preferably free. I currently own Lamit’s 4.0 guide (even though I’m forced to use 3.0), so anything outside of his guides would be great. I’m also interested in trying to abuse my student software discount as much as possible, so any suggestions on other programs to get familiar with before they cost full price would be great. If at all possible, in your suggestion indicate a good way to get familiar with the program outside of full training seminars. Thanks in advance!

Not to cock block or anything but for free solidworks tuts, go to It’s mostly overseas students there but most of them use solidworks and there are EXCELLENT examples and tutorials to get you up to speed quickly. Look for all posts by Parel and Radge, many step by step examples of SW surfacing for IDers, simple and complex stuff. It wouldn’t be hard for you to take that base knowledge of modeling exteriors and incorporating it with your skillsets.
But don’t give up on the hand drawn aspect either, it’s just as important. You just have to keep at it, the skill comes. It’s just frustrating because if you’re not already good you’ll keep “failing” a lot. But all those bad drawings you do is just the bad drawing skill leaving the body! The only thing left will be the good skills :wink: