Profile for Masters

Hi there,

I had to pursue Engineering in Information Technology because of some reasons. Though I was designing things from childhood, I never knew that a formal course ‘Industrial Design’ exists. From the past year I am designing things the ‘formal’ way with sketches, CAD, renderings, prototypes…

I want to go for a Masters in Industrial/product Designing. If you can please help me with what all is required to build a profile for getting admitted-

  • I am working part time for a start-up design consultancy.
    I have my designs published on sites like Yanko Design and others.
    One concern I have here is that- is it necessary to win a design competition in order to increase my chances of getting admitted.

What all other things should be there in my profile along with my portfolio so that I secure admission in one of the top Design Schools out there?

Why don’t you show us some of your work so we can prod you in the right direction? Also which schools are you looking at? Many put priorities on different things.

I am looking to apply for Masters in Industrial Design at Art Center, RISD, CMU, RCA…

I am new to this forum, so some of my work can be seen at
I havent planned the financials yet, but first I shall build my profile.

Thank you for the reply.

what are your goals in grad school, and what kind of work do you want to do afterwards?

Goals- To gain as much as I can and research more about designing things + Also to get placed in a design firm
Afterwards- I want to work for 3-5 years with a good organization and then may be open up my own design studio.