Professionals' Opinions:Chellenges in ID in the near furute?

I am an ID student at San Jose State University and my professor proposed the question : What Changes/Challenges will surface in ID in the next 15yrs or so? I need some Professiolnals’ opinions on this. I know it is a very broad and general question, so any opinion long or short will do. I just need to gather up some opinions to reflect upon and present to the class.

Any response through this thread or email with a name and title will be appreciated, Thanks.

Who is your professor?

ID will be a dead industry consulting-wise as factories offer free design in exchange for a long term manufacturing contracts and the field will be commoditized.

We will all be working in of for China or Chinese companies.

What a load of pessimistic BS

Factories allready offer ID for free. As you allready probably know nothing is really for free, it’s built into the costs, and usually when something is billed as free, it’s not very good. You can go to a factory and get a free black box with a button that wrapps around a circuit board, but don’t expect them to research the target user, evaluate ergonomics, do market and competitor analisys, and then interpret all of that information into a beautiful, functional object that taps into the users wante and needs.

That is the future of design.

In todays world, getting design for free is tha path to going out of business. It leads to the comodatization of your business and price wars that lead to negative profit.

As companies focus their point of diffentiation around additional services and bonuses design will continue to become key. Look at the cell phone market. All the major carriers offer pretty much the same coverage and the same plans for the same money. What is differant is brand identity and phone design/features. I chose my carrier because I get bonus dollars toward new phones.

I think Europe has an advanced variation on this model. I’m sure it will mature differantly in the US, but many years ago, when manufacturing was leaking off the eurpean continent to the Americas because of cheap labor (still happening, Mercedes and BMW plants in the southern USA, VW in Mexico), the designers there didn’t cry and give up, they got stategic and strengthened their services (Pininfarina, Italdesign, Studio Delucci, Seymore Powell, et all)

michael delucchi stole one of my designs. down to last detail.


nicely worded YO!

I dont need this negative BS when Im not even finished with my ID program.

Not to be negative but I am really having a tough time finding work in ID as there are not that many jobs out there when compared to otehr professions and a lot of designers. I may have to opt for a second degree or job until something hits. Kind of like an actor being a waiter first.