Professional work, what can I put in my portfolio?

So I’m a recent-ish grad who has been working for a year. I’m updating my portfolio with my new professional work but am confused as to what I should put in. I want to show my skills and that I have worked on interesting products, however with my student work I’m used to my portfolio work being 100% my work. With the professional work almost everything was collaborative. Do I only put in the things that were my concept? Or can I include work that wasn’t my concept but I played a large role in their development? Also my firm is small and boss’s name is the brand/company so he is credited for the work by the companies and in the media. What is the etiquette in regards to showing my work I do for other people? Is that kinda thing best left of my portfolio website?
Any feedback on this topic would be great. Thanks.

p.s. I plan on asking my boss, but he is out of town for the week.

I have seen this being handled in all kinds of ways.
As long as they are public projects and you state what your role was and in what context you did the project, it should be fine to include it I think.
But make sure they are not misleading and the person checking out the portfolio doesn’t see a mayor disconnect between your personal and your company work

In any case, whatever you do, check with your boss what he thinks is appropriate. As long as you give credit, chances are he won’t mind.

just ask the bossman. At same time it wouldnt hurt to create pages/layouts for all the projects so you can plug and play later on when you can finally show them.

I think this will be complicated. If you are looking to leave the design group, then checking with your boss might not be possible. If you just want to create a portfolio site, like some of us have, just to have it, this might also be difficult if the person you work for is selling his name as the brand. Imagine if a designer for Karim Rashid put the Umbra Oh chair in his portfolio? Or a designer for Marc Newson put the o21c in his portfolio? It gets sticky. If the work is public, make sure you very clearly state your role as a contributing designer collaborating with a larger team.

So before I could ask my boss about putting things in my portfolio, he started complaining to me about how he hates how his name is becoming a brand, and how he wants out of the business. At which point I asked “can put this in my portfolio”. He said yes.
I had to share considering everything that has been mentioned on this topic.

Timing is everything, that sounds well timed… now, lets see that folio!


Nice of him to share the credit !

NB: I am not either of these designers :slight_smile: !

well done.

good lord!
you got some amazing work!!
I am also digging you website, one of the best flash sites I’ve seen.

thanks for sharing.

I was about to say the complete opposite with regards to the website. Took forever for the images to download, Once I had worked out how to access them. For me it required constant clicking to force load each image and then wait 30-40 secs for it to load.

Gorgeous work though

Site worked perfectly here. Wish you would have some more info on each project though, just because of my own curiosity.

Odin chair made me drool. Good work.

loaded instantly for me.

I like to see everything that a person has worked on, with a tiny by-line someplace listing what capabilities and functions that person actually did. Everything is collaborative; for someone to come out and say “I designed this whole car” is BS at best, and suggests that they will bend the truth at every opportunity.

While i’m enjoying the accolades here, this is not my work ! Think I need to be a little more articulate on the forum, as a few posts have been confusing people !


While i’m enjoying the accolades here, this is not my work !

I don’t understand, so what is on the website is not your work?!
You did not draw and come up with those chairs and pieces?
If it doesn’t represent you, you can’t show it.

The way it is presented, the viewer will believe this and that for example Tom Dixon functioned as a design director for his studio but mostly let you take charge in the projects you show. He supplied guidance and context, but you were the creative force.
If you were the model maker or an intern, your website would be very misleading.

Now that i think a bit about it, considering that you are recently out of school, putting in work from Dixon is a little bit dicey. Not that it is un-ethical but it might be better to focus on your personal work instead to give a clear picture of you as a designer.
On the website for example, I can’t distinguish what you designed for a client and what you worked on as an assistant. This is an important distinction.
I think you should specify your role in the projects. If the ultimate goal with a portfolio and website is to get clients and jobs, being clear about your work is essential.

I dont think its his website at all. And he wasnt the OP.

Guess it was just an example of how it could be done, and we all jumped to conclusions :slight_smile:

ohhh, ok. Got it.

You got it :slight_smile: