professional evaluation of sketching skills

I’m going through labor certification with the US Dept of Labor to get my Greencard right now. As part of the qualifications list, I’ve put down ‘strong sketching’ skills as a requirement of that job.

Q: how (or where) does one have their sketching skills evaluated ‘professionally’ and quantified empirically by a professional?

“Q: how (or where) does one have their sketching skills evaluated ‘professionally’ and quantified empirically by a professional?”

Easy answer; right here in this forum.

Post them up.

While it is always nice to see others talents and such, You should contact the company you have been hired to work at here in the US. Also, being as this field is very close to the arts, look at the requirements for what the US govt considers a good artist. If niether of these will work for you, I like the idea that just because you can draw pretty pictures doesn’t make you a good designer. So list some of the other skills we employ.

it has to be an impartial third party would could do the evaluation. of course, sketching/vizualization skills is one of few requirements stated in the job requirements spec. trying to figure out a prominent/respective member of IDSA local chapter who can vouch for me if Dept of Labor asks for support proof.

again… do it here.

post your sketches. I don’t think you can get any more third party than that.

you can print-off the results, or just send them to this link.

there is more than a handful of professional designers here who are more than qualified to give an opinion on your sketching ability.

regardless if this is what you will actually use for your Greencard application, it would be better to get a feel on your ability for yourself here for free, taking up no ones time, etc.

You might also try to approach a named ID firm, explain your cause, and get them to submit something on company letterhead. While you will get good feedback here, you’re also dealing with people, like myself, who hide behind stupid names and might very well jeopardize your chances of a fair assessment.

Hope that helps and good luck.

I think this is a difficult issue- In the US, there is not a: licensed, licensing, governing board, or accreditation program that is centered around the idea of categorizing levels or degree of ability. (that I know of)

In the US, a person can have a University degree in Art, or design- or not. While neither of these degrees require or authorize a person to draw or sketch- it shows more of a penchant for the art. The level of skill, or matter of degree of ability- is relative.

Taylor has a great point, that by posting your sketches here and allowing others to critique it- you have opened yourself (and your sketches and ability) for review by a collection of potential peers.

OkayEnough has a good idea as well, this might help.

In short, there are not “Official” levels or credentials for this skill.

Qualified empirically? Wow! This is not a chemistry lab! I’d recommend finding another professional who got a greencard and seeing what they did… and also posting them on here…

I give your sketching skills a rating of 6239 with a degree of difficulty or 0.23, and most certainly would classify your rendering as class QA, subsection iiiV. Combined; to equal a total design fulfillment value of RS458x-11.

Take that to INS.



Dude -make sure that you have a good lawyer. I am going through the process, and I havent had to go through any evaluation like you think. .