proE wildfire software problem

Hi got a copy of ProE WIldfire student. I had it working then got hit by virus or something… tech guy sorted it out but now the software dont work the license. Host Id not recognised any one have this problem before…??
Any help would be appreciated as the ptc crowd dont want to help student users…

open a dos window and type:
ipconfig /all

does the number beside physial address match the host id in your setup?
put the cd in and in the bottom of the setup window there will be a number that should match your physical address.
If this number matches then just run the setup again and that should probably fix it.
I also find that things go better if you create a directory for it during set up that has no spaces caps etc. ie. c\wildfire instead of c\Programs\ProeWildfire.
I have no idea why but it causes fewer headaches.
good luck