Products That You Love: Why?

I was making tea this morning, and I like to boil water in my Hamilton Beach Cordless Kettle, and it dawned on my that I’m really very pleased with its form and function. It’s easy to use, it’s reliable, it’s fast, and the handle design makes pouring a cinch. Interestingly, in looking up the same on ( ) I see that two users complained that it stopped working within six months. So far, so good for me, however. But anyway, what are a few products that you actually love and why? Another for me is my Sears X-Cargo Top carrier, which I’ve had for 10+ years and it’s never let me down. It’s nothing special to look at, but the function and reliability is what keeps me in love. What other products are you having a love affair with? Are there any that just look good, but don’t function that well?

Curious in NH,

I got a black and decker quattro drill/sander/jigsaw…true its not great if your drilling through alu or want to sand your whole kitchen down. But for all those little jobs around the house you got to do its fab. I almost get excited just clicking it all toghter…takes me back to the transformer days. it comes in a nice roto moulded case and all feels very sturdy.

I also got it for free from a project at uni…which always helps

Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Pruner.

This product is so cool that you don’t want to put it down (at the peril of your garden!) Its rotating handle curles under your fingers (2-axis), giving you more power.

You’d expect a soft-touch grip on a product like this, but it doesn’t need it.

Thanks, cq. That is nice, apparently functional and extremely iconic. I’ll have to look for one once I get good at not killing green things (thank God I seem to be better at kids…or thank God that they’re not green).



I love my bodum french press, but I hate cleaning it afterwards because it’s so messy. [/img]

I love my:

I hate to make too cliche picks in a row, but have you tried to live a week without an iPod?

My Swingaway can opener. Not exactly the epitome of high style and design but those things actually work.

I also have a Canon Powershot digi camera that has been dropped (several times), sat on, squished, mashed AND went through a studio fire. Still works like I bought it this morning. WOW.

There are 3 products which I think have been well designed and I couldn’t live without:

1: As Yo said, a bit cliche but my ipod.

2: Disposable black Bic biro.

3: My Black Samsonite leather wallet.

Pretty simple, but then so am I :wink:

georgy Boys bit of kit

one word - MONEY

Love this tape player. The sound of the large buttons give you feedback. The design is simple and it works.

podcast by Lunar with Donald Norman:

and there are 2 parts - really good!