Products and Concepts you thought were Cool in 2010

I didn’t include images because I was more intrigued with the concepts than the designs.

Sony 3D-360 Hologram
The “360 Degree Stereoscopic Display” unveiled by Sony is a prototype of a tabletop 3D display that can be seen from 360 degrees and doesn’t require funky 3D glasses for full effect.

Train that never stops chen jianjun

Vizio Headphones:
Headphones with attitude. Vizio unveiled
these concept headphones equipped with LCD
screens on the earpiece that can display
anything you choose, including pictures, a
visualizer, or album art. (Via Gizmodo)

Zomm :
Zomm has introduced a solution to help
consumers who constantly lose their phones:
their device, the “Zomm,” connects wirelessly
with your phone via Bluetooth and will set off
an alarm if you leave it. The Zomm also acts as
a speakerphone to let you know about incoming calls.

Gibson’s Robot Guitar system
automatic tuning system.

Word Lens. Hands down.

that’s a cool app; free too!