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I’m once again on the quest for someone who can produce small runs of my shoes. I’ve had so many issues with Italy so I have given up with them. It would be great if there was a factory in the States or even in L.A so that I could correspond with them in person. I realize that all footwear is surely headed for Hong Kong, China, etc. yet I am utterly unsure of the best manufacturer to work with there. I will be attending WSA in a few weeks. Anyone have any suggestions??

Thanks much!

have you thought about going through an agent. I am sure they could connect you through to factories in china. But also it will cost you more, for there part. I know for alot of our international shoes like to austrailia- we dont have large orders, but they are still produced.

It can be done but what is the order size…? its alot of work to a factory to open up die cuts-for small runs- would probably be better off having each pair done without opening up the die cuts- if you would be getting like 7-8 pairs. a sample room could do that. but what about the sole, is it already opened?

good luck- I personally don’t know any factories that do this- I am sure you will find some information at wsa, or magic.



I’m not quite sure what you mean by dye-cuts, sorry. I had a line of womens dress shoes manufactured in Italy a few years prior but had problems with the broker. I am looking to have about 9 samples produced on my last. I don’t know of any agents for China, Hong Kong, etc. and am not familiar with who is reputable to work with, etc.

I ment by the cuts I mean- for production when the shoe pattern is confirmed. they open up metal cutting stamps ( i guess you could call them that) an they use those to cut the pattern peices from the leathers/ fabrics-etc. for every pattern peice in the shoes pattern they make a cutting peice. if you see the productoin lines in china you can see them using these metal peices an a machine that presses down on the peice an cuts the leather. like cutting cookie patterns out of cookie dough-

anyways- I think wsa oe magic should help

Oh, right, like a marker. I really would prefer to continue working with Italy but it is not cost efficient which is why I am looking for a local factory just to get started with. I always attend WSA but will see if I can make some better connections this time. Thanks for your input!

ok i can answer this one.
first agents will always cost more and they will cut corner thru productionc…good ones wont but most will.
there are several really good ones in china. forget about hong kong…non there. all moved to china these days.
i have done shoes both in itatly and china. depends on what you want and what value you want in your shoes. in china they can go as low as 200 pairs or lower per run.
die cut …is like a cookie cutter for mass production…if anything smaller then 200 pairs…they dont even bother with die cut…they just do it by hand. and most likely will be done on the sample production line rather then on the larger lines.

if you are in wsa. go down stairs to the basement…we call it the BAZZAR…HAHAH. they have fatoryies sperated by countries and agents too. so go check out each countries and compare price and quility…your best bet is china. there are tons…but also spain and the old stand by in itatly. forget USA…they are all gone. and dont even try india…they suck ass. remenber to compare shop with each factories. remenber they always say yes…but you really have to question them alot to get the real answer.

What do you mean by stand by in Italy? I really am not too thrilled about doing business with China, so I have considered Italy (still) and Spain. The basement…in the Venetian or Mandalay? I have been there a few times but assumed the Italians were there to sell their shoes, not to find new business. You seem to have a bit of knowledge on this subject, what else can you tell me? (If you don’t mind). :smiley:

Thanks so much, I really appreciate your comments!

Oh and maybe I should ask you…what are some important things to look for when searching for factories? I’m aware of production times, cost/credit, honesty, loyalty but is there some standard way of proceeding with this?

old stand by is itatly…i take it is it all fashion stuff. so yea itatly but china can gave you good deals. however if your market is high then dont bother with china. if your market is mid and low then go with china. they can gave you good deal in low production cost…fraction of the cost in itatly or spain.
ok go to the vinitician…they call it sands convention center…the main one. in the basement there is factory and agent reps…mostly agent reps and some factories. what you should look for is the quility of thier work and what they offer. and very important is how they Package the shoes…i know one factory did this special insert for me and i did not even ask for…it was cool. it is better after the show make planing to go see the factory on hand. talk and chat and ask questions. look at what they have done and how good the quility…it varys a lot.
dont worry about doing stuff in china. they do the same stuff as itatlyian factory. most chinese factory work on PO or cridet on release. what that means is you put money in a account and show them you have the order money and they will produce and work (they will cover all sole costs and development sample cost depending on the order) and if your qc say all is ok to ship then it will be loaded and shiped out. once shiped your money will be transfer to their account. and if it is bad you can file for refund which most factory will do or they gave you another production discount or trade. most are very honest. make sure they will provide a girl who can speak english and email comunication and who can do your development…it is very important (when you go to their factory you must see their development department …because they are the ones doing your shoes for production sample). remenber they want your order and they want to build a relationship. a good saying is if you leave a good taste in their mouth they will come back for more. that is what chinese factory will do…they will do anything to satisfy you…so dont worry and trust is built over time…most big factory are very trustfall…more then the agents…agents sometime will take your designs and sell to others. if you deal with factory direct they will secure everything they do for you.

so leave you mind open and if you want to please email me at i would be glad to help you

Thank you so much!! I sent you an email…


no problem always glad to help out.