Product Ventures Consultancy

Hi there,

Anybody here ever worked for Product Ventures (Fairfield, CT) ?
How was it ?

The company puts out great work, and it looks like a fun company to work for. I’ve talked with a couple of the guys on their design staff and they love it for the most part. Seems like a very talented group. They have some good publicity with the media lately.

I worked with a guy from there. Said it was okay. Sometimes boring to him because they do lots of packaging.

Yeah, I worked there for about 3 years…recently just left (formerly Design Manager) to be closer to family back in the midwest and a great opportunity.
I loved it…great young bunch of designers with a solid, deisgn focused management staff. Yes, they do work on lots of packaging (structural mostly) but they have been mixing in product very well…loads ofproducts are in the development process of going into production so you will see their portfolio/image shift slighty in the coming months/year.
Peter, Javier and James are all great to work with/for…very talented core group.

Thats my 2 cents.

I worked there also for about 2yrs. I second what midwest said in the above post. Solid group of people…Javier, James, and Peter are all great people, and you can learn a TON from each one of them. Peter deserves alot of credit for building that business from a copy machine in his bathroom to what it is today.

The only negative is that the Fairfield County area of Connecticut is probably one of the most expensive areas of the country to live…and I’m pretty sure the salaries aren’t in line with the cost of living. That’s why I left…got to the point where I realized I could never afford a home within a 2hr. drive to the office!