Product Thesis

Hey i was wondering if anyone would be able to share there thesis for a product or the structure that you use. Im just a back yard inventor and i need to submit my product to a manufacturer any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

I am not entirely sure what you are asking for. What do you mean by structure?

It may be helpful to read about others that have had questions about presenting ideas to large manufacturing sources. You need to make sure that you protect yourself. Below is a link to a good conversation from Core regarding that issue.

Great link with some great info thanks for that.

The thing I am not sure on is how do i present my idea to a possible manufactor in a meeting. What are the best ways to do it do i put all my info into a booklet and show them or do i base it on a lap top. And I am not sure how i put all my ideas/sketches/cad/functions ect all together is there a standardized way.

There is no standardized way. I have seen material for this type of meeting presented in several different ways.

If you read that other discussion, you will notice several references to a non-disclosure. It is very important to protect your idea.

If you want my advice, you may want to prepare a powerpoint presentation. If done well, they can look professional and leave a very good impression. Also, a powerpoint presentation will not give them a physical print of the material, that they can ask to keep and hold on to. I ran into this alot with my portfolio when interviewing. You would present with the intent of taking it with you after the presentation, but you would always get someone who wanted to hold onto it. The powerpoint presentation will not give them that option. But because you do want to leave something with them, to keep in their heads, you may also want to prepare a short concise one-page teaser to hand out. This could also be a mailer to other potential venders. If you do go the mailer route however, keep it short and some-what vague, a short description, images, and contact info.

Hope I helped.