Product textures

Last two days on Gizmodo features silver products with an undulating line texture. I think this is recent…anyone else noticed it?

New Motorola Aura phone:

New Samsung camcorder:

I like the Aura phone texture the best because it seems more deliberate. The samsung almost feels like an afterthought. “The inside of this looks a little bland, how can we spice it up? Textures!” Like someone learned how to make patterns in Solidworks that day, so they used it.

The phone looks more Zen, the camcorder more Mac OS X 10.1…

looks like they are trying to give it a brushed stainless look

I meant the Samsung

They both remind me of art deco/machine age stuff, especially the Motorola Aura. When closed it looks like it could have been made in the 1930’s. I agree that the texture looks like an afterthought on the camcorder …

Hmmm…1930’s graphic design at the Dem. convention, now 1930’s aesthetic for cel phones? Can we call this a trend?

Mexico City Olympic Games logo came to mind. It is a very elegant detail on the Aura.