product/tabletop design

any ideas on what schools have better grad programs in tabletop design? plastic/resin casting facilities?

from the work i’ve seen coming from graduates :
rca, pratt and risd, though many here say risd is too theory based

Actually I think RISD or Pratt would be really good for this. The New York to Boston area is really good for this type of work.

RISD has good facilities for this and lots of weird classes like slip casting, that will be good for that direction.

As a recent grad from RISD, I’d say tabletop design is the school’s strongest area and the only area where it is signifigantly better than any other design school. Students from my graduating class got offers from Graves, CK, Ralph Lauren, and less “name” TT places. Also a number of former students pursue the entraprenurial route and find some product niche (i.e. a recent grad student developed a line of products made from old records as part of his thesis, now sells fruit bowls made of old bee-gee’s records at botique design shops around the country) Martha Stewart also draws a lot of talent from RISD, though its spread throughout the school not just pure tabletop.

On a facilities side RISD probably has the best shops of any ID program. the whole philosophy there is think/build, which would serve you well for tabletop type work.

thanks. i’ve looked at a lot of risd students/faculty/grads’ work on their website (i wish every school dispayed so much work) and felt that i could identify with it. i saw the facilities and they are amazing. i know less about pratt’s program.

any more feedback on other schools? each school really does have a different focus, which makes Yo’s “stickies” so helpfull.