Product Sourcing Help - Bent Metal Tubing

Anyone able to help me with how to source a piece of tubing? The closest I’ve gotten is that this is an automotive part. It might be custom made (and I would likely need to customize our own).

Do you need one, a hundred, or ten thousand?

Hundreds to start.

I’ve used Elkhart for other things (rotomolding) - they are into various industries - they were a little more expensive but a good professional outfit.

Our main vendor is BSI in Oregon, they might be in the hundreds-to-thousands range. Let me ask around the office who we use for smaller prototype runs.

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I have used Prestige Metals -

We used another vendor in Elk Grove Village, name escapes me. And the owner, she hates me for some reason. But my point, just about any local metal fabricator can do this. I’d pick someone close to home.

I love this. Ask for pipe, get hosed.

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Based on this comment, should I assume there aren’t off the shelf versions of this?


Could you give a little more detail. Is it threaded on the part that goes in the wall? Is it capped on either end?

Well, as Ray pointed out, I don’t know what that thing is in the picture you posted. Also, you yourself said you will need to make your own version of it in the OP.

All in all, bent metal is cheap. There are probably at least 100 places that do it in the greater Chicagoland area so I assume they are common everywhere. Make a spec, giterdone.