product safety law?

Hi guys,
anyone hear much about the product safety legislation recently signed?

i’ve been pondering the meaning of this… generally, i’m into the the idea of restrictions on known toxins… why should we use it if it’s bad/dangerous and there are easy substitutes? but, what about the larger idea of legislation or regulation regarding product design and production?

any ideas. opinions?


nobody has any opinions about the largest overhaul in 30 years of the Consumer Product Safety Comission (CPSC)?

anybody, anybody?


Phthalates should be banned from all products and the rest of the actual changes are not really relevant as they have been in place in some form by the companies themselves for some time.

I think this will have little or no impact on the way that most companies in those categories do business today. I think it was a show put on to appear to respond to the recent recalls of products coming from China.

its our responsibility to put pressure on manufacturers to stop using hazardous and difficult to recycle materials into production, as its just not cool.