Product REdesign?

Hello, this is my first post, and already I need some help.

Here’s the thing.
I am now into the summer break between my first and second years at Glamorgan art & design college, South Wales. I’ve chosen to continue with 3D Design because I find it the most challenging, innovative, and rewarding artistic style to be involved with.

Ok. For summer, we were given a project that we will present when we go back in September. The brief is along the lines of:

'As three-dimensional designers we walk down the street, use artefacts etc. and think that this could have been done in a much better way. Now is your chance to do so by producing a personal response to a poor design, using starting points such as:

Architecture, Product Design, Furniture, Sculpture.’

This is purely a design package for presentation, although maquettes are usually favourable. I have become slightly confused though.

Should I approach the task by redesigning an item such as a chair for school children (as the polypropelene chairs they currently have are well known for causing back/posture problems), or designing a seperate product which solves the problems of another object (an ‘add-on’ of sorts.)

I do have a long way to go and a lot to learn about handling briefs. Any advise would be welcome, and I apologise for typing so much just to ask one question.

Many thanks, James.