Product presentation videos

More and more I’m interested in using video for presentations.
I know some of you are doing this -

Can you recommend some good basic tools for taking things beyond the standard turntable shots?


Might want to check out HyperMove. We just had a rep come show us the basics and it’s pretty easy to move around in and use. I’m pretty sure there’s a trial for it as well.

jb -
thanks man. I’ve seen Hypermove, and am familiar with other rendering engine animation software. Perhaps I should have been more clear. What I’m looking for is something where i can put it all together into a presentation. Say I’ve got two or three different rendered animations. Now I want to combine with video footage and add things like titles and callouts to create a compiled presentation. In essence the equivalent to Adobe In Design, but for video.

Ah, right on. Well, being a mac user I use iMovie. I literally made a film (60sec) last weekened. You could save out your animations as video files (avi,mov…) and import them into something like iMovie. Then add your transitions, titles, etc and export. Bingo. I’m 97.3% positive Windows has editing software similar to iMovie as well.

Yes, Windows has Windows Movie Maker - I don’t find WMM to be design friendly at all.
It is, like most MS Software, aimed at a different user.