Product presentation - color slider in PDF

Hi everyone,

I am building a presentation of my design proposals where I would like to present unlimited color variability. I was wondering if there is any way of implemeting a HUE slider (like adjustment layer masked in photoshop) that would allow me to change a color of masked area in PDF.

Or if there is any other idea how to do that.

Thanks a lot for any advice.

Copy the “areas” that you want to change the color of into a separate layer. Then under layers add a new “adjustment layer” color. this will allow you “drag” the color…

well maybe i dont understand or vice versa :slight_smile: I would like to implement the color>hue slider in PDF so my client can play with colors there. (as I can play in PSD :slight_smile:


nope you cant do that in a pdf.

well… PDF is a pretty generic file format as I understand it, and it allows for a lot of cool interactive stuff that most people don’t use (3D pdfs for example). However, that doesn’t mean its easy, you would likely have to program it yourself :stuck_out_tongue:
If you have the time, maybe ask around a coding forum, if not, I doubt there’s a quick tool you can use.

I know there is some sort of support for Flash files in PDFs (.flv and maybe .swf I think). You could look into that and try creating the slider in Flash.

on a more practical note, why would you want to give unlimited color options? Isn’t that your job a designer to present good color and material options? Leaving it wide open just leaves the client to pick something horrible. You wouldn’t present a blank piece of paper and have them draw the concept they want…



You beat me to the comment R.

Well the idea is not about giving him a total freedom of colors. Maybe I should rather say hue slider of predefined colors. But you got the idea. It is a sofa which in some range should have some variability (at least in my concept).

I’ll try to make it in quicktime VR with fake slider. It will change colors when trying to rotate instead of real rotating.

One idea how to fake it: video record a portion of your screen while you slide and preview in Photoshop, then ask the client to scroll through the video, or pause when their favorite color appears…

Or just have a gallery with different options.