Product Pet Peeves

I think within the past few months the CTA has been trying to fix the bunched up leapfrog problem, but it’s still going to remain if bus drivers just try to go as fast as possible to the end of their routes. The bus in the back should wait an extra traffic light cycle to remedy this. As for the grocery space, the front wheel is under there, so it can’t be made into standing room. The first couple of rows of seats are handicapped seats, and all fold upwards, but people with strollers and grocery carts are too timid to ask anybody to move, and the people sitting are too inconsiderate to get up. Likewise, as more cram on, passengers need to move back, but most only go to the back door. There’s still plenty of room further back that rarely gets utilized. The human jam up at the front of the bus is ridiculous. Ride a bike!

I use firefox, and pop-up-blocker is on…

… . another pet peeve … software that doesn’t.

I was getting so pissed about this today. Now that I am home and using Safari I have no problems.

That’s nice… . … . it’s still annoying the hell out of me. :imp: :smiling_imp:

I thought of another after parking at the gym today.

Whoever decided parking stops needed to be 10 inches high. People would notice a 2 inch bump, and it wouldn’t ruin low front spoilers like the one on my car. Having low-profile tires causes me enough paranoia while driving in this pothole of a city, I don’t need to be paranoid while parking too.

Popup blocker isnt’ enough. Go to the add-ons section and put in adblock plus and subscribe the the regular US list and it gets rid of all of the ads that are on the actual pages like that 3d thing you’re talking about.
Trust me, you’ll love it without all of those flashing annoyances on every page you go to.
The only weird part will be if you have to use someone else’s computer and they don’t have it installed. I freaked out doing that once and seeing all the junk that’s actually on some of the sites I visit (since I never see it anymore on my computers :slight_smile: ).

This must be in my top 5! I never did it with my Windows laptop. When I first got a Mac, I did the drag to eject thing but now I don’t even do that anymore. I have NEVER lost any data from unplugging a USB device. As long as you don’t pull it out while it’s rewriting the data, why do we need this pointless extra step?

Just did this… works like a champ! Thanks!

Eating at the movies really gets to me.

  • Plastic bags that house candies are too loud
  • Some of those snacks man, people crunch those things in a loud style.
  • People like to slurp their drinks at the end, loudly

why not make movie candy packaging out of softer plastic? Why not design movie food to be quiet movie food? How can you stop people from slurping the last drop of drink?

Restaurant POS (Point of Sale) Systems:

They waste my time. Why do I have to wait for the bill, then wait for them to take my card, wait for them to process it (a great time for theft BTW), then wait for them to return it? There are many ways this could be streamlined. I want something like Paypal: I get to decide when and where I pay, separate of the transaction.

Just to be devil’s advocate, if we all used adblocks, how does the forum get their income?

I hate it when my Comfort Wipe falls in the toilet, why can’t they put a wrist strap on the stupid thing!?

painted plastics made to look like metal or, worse yet, chrome and particle board with veneers of real wood. Some IMDs work if done right but still I prefer the real deal.

authentic materials = an authentic feel and experience

They only get their income if they click through to the site.

All this ad has done is make me dislike Solidworks more than I already do AND make me frustrated with the navigation of this site.

Hahahaha. Nice.

I hate it when my Comfort Wipe falls in the toilet, why can’t they put a wrist strap on the stupid thing!?


But, on a more serious note, I hate it when I get mistaken for a cult member when I’m wearing my snuggie. If only they had some nice floral prints or something.

That is awsome…

Yes Hello? I ordered the blanket you are selling and you mistakenly sent me a backwards robe…

Eating at the movies really gets to me.

Or singing along at an acoustic artist’s concert.

"Sorry, I didn’t pay $58 a head, plus parking, to come and hear your tin-eared, off key, falsetto. Oh, and excussssssssse me for telling you so… "

I’ve had WAYYY too many concerts ruined this way…