Product & Packaging Design Internship in NYC! Apply!!!

Below is the internship description which is available at our consultancy if anyone is interested…

Internship description:

4sight Design is consistently recognized as one of the top packaging and product design firms. We have lots of great projects spanning many industries and brands — and we want to give you a piece of it.
4sight is always looking for fulltime interns with outstanding skills and creativity to work alongside us for a period of 3-6 months. Candidates for this position are inquisitive and informed, resourceful and inspired, and self motivated to achieve quality design solutions. You should expect real challenges, a fun atmosphere, and dynamic teams. The internship is paid, but you shouldn’t expect to earn as many dollars as you will unique and valuable experiences from some of the most talented designers around.
Candidates must not only demonstrate outstanding design skills, but exhibit first-class conceptual ideas and a keen design sensibility to aesthetics and form. Great interns also have design research experience, knowledge of manufacturing processes, and articulate verbal communication skills. Applicants can be undergraduate level, and recent grads
To apply, please email us at Your email should be no more than 3MB, and it should include:
• The position you are applying for, and dates you are available. This information should be in the body text of your email.
• Your cover letter and resume combined into one PDF document. In your cover letter, explain why your skills and background would make you a great ID intern at 4sight
• Your digital portfolio as a PDF or URL. Show us three of your best projects with the in-depth process and thinking that led to your solution. This process work should include successes and failures, and it should illustrate how you arrived at the final design. FORM GENERATION IS KEY, show your early sketches, we like that stuff!!!. One note: our process doesn’t always look clean and polished, so we don’t expect yours to.
Due to the volume of applicants we cannot answer all requests for interviews. We will contact you within about six weeks if we are considering your application.