Product management or senior designer?

Just want to know how people feels about being in design or management,
I’ve been working in the State for quite some time as a product designer before I decided to move to Asia ( I am Asian, of course!)
When I first moved back, I got placed in an excellent consultancy doing great design work.
However due to a restructure of the company, I must move on to other opportunities.
For most of you might know, the design direction in Asia are highly concentrate in manufacturing rather than research and preliminary type of ideations which I am good at.
In another words, no sketching jump right into CAD with minimal explorations.
I’ve been looking for real design jobs for quite sometime, I just couldn’t find any design job that would fit my design experience from States.
Some company I’ve interviewed with actually found sketching ability to be useless.
With the frustrations I have on design job search, there are many management and product development opportunities arise due to my international background.
50% of my interviews were management positions. However, with only minimum experience on project managing,
I am not sure if I can be confident to be a good design manager.
Can someone give me some good advice?

People have recommended taking a Project Management Certification to me before… just to get an overview on the tools that are out there and a general qualification. might be something to think about

I am getting my master degree right now in the field of design, and have had some experience working closely with design director and managing design projects, project plannings and client presentation.
I just have this dare about my own ability when it comes to design management. Perhaps it’s because I am bit young for those positions and fear for taking responsibility in the next level. I guess I am searching for supportive advice from those who have experienced designer became management , and the pros and con in between.